In the Event of Spring


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Finesmith March Group Gift

Finesmith March Group Gift Hat & Collar

However much life keeps me busy, the love of a hobby does bring me so much joy and here I am returning to blogging and featuring, after much-needed rest, a new release from Pidria Bonetto Factory‘s Gizele.

The outfit comes complete with shoes featured and jewelery. The Skin is form C-star and is currently a marketplace freebie. C-star did a wonderful job in designing the lips on this skin.

Pidria Bonetto Factory Gizele

Pidria Bonetto Factory Gizele

I am featuring the March Finesmith Jewelry Group Gift: Hat and collar set.  A bonus is the Finesmith Group Tag is currently free. Do rush to add this to your coveted tags

Pidria Bonetto Factory Gizele Dress 2

Pidria Bonetto Factory Gizele Dress 2

**STyling Card**

Gown & Shoes:: Pidria Bonetto Factory Gizele includes jewelry not shown // non free

Skin:: Cstar Candy Pop limite 2.0 Skin FULLpack // marketplace promo freebie

Hair:: Analog Dog  Cupcake// non free

Jewelry Hat & Collar:: Finesmith March Group Gift // w/group tag currently 0L !! (won’t be free for long)

Teleport Hub’s SecondLife Hunts Calendar


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I’d like to introduce you to Teleport Hub‘s innovative and comprehensive hunts calendar that provides its readers with an exhaustive, easy to browse schedule of current, past and upcoming hunts. What’s particularly amazing about this tool is that the listed hunt is in order of date and is visually tracked across the calendar .  At any given time you can get complete information of the hunts for that specific day by clicking on the itemized hunt.

Teleport Hub

Teleport Hub

The calendar looks like this: It has a scrollable icon with months permitting you to choose the period of interest and includes future, past and upcoming hunts. Offers a traditional click-on-date for listings of the day as well as a tractable view (pictured in blue below).

TeleportHub Calendar

TeleportHub Calendar

By clicking on each listed hunt, a pop up window will be displayed (see image below) providing you with an informative synopsis and the event link. For example I clicked on Bubbly Heart Hunt and it opened the pop up window below. By clicking on the event link (outlined in red below), you are shown a detailed page.

TeleportHub Event Link

TeleportHub Event Link

This is what the detailed page looks like (see image below). Teleport Hub provides  detailed information about the date, the webpage link,  the contact person, hunt promo poster, hunt object and the landmark location for the 1st stop in the hunt.

Teleport Hub Hunt detail-1

Teleport Hub Hunt detail-1

They also offer a mobile version of the site!

There are many advantages of using this website.  I can leisurely browse the upcoming hunts conveniently, have readily on-hand the inventory of hunts available and research theme of  the hunts beforehand and thereby organizing myself and employing my time efficiently.

Your comments will be appreciated.

Sashaying into 2013 ~ Happy New Year


I considered pouring out words of wisdom or some quiptic quote in this first post of 2013 however years of rounding out the calendar, and/or generating futile resolutions lists, and/or starting that new fitness program that used to lead to an early desolate drop-out rate, I have acquired a serene acceptance and embrace the New Year as just another annoying marker that I must remember to change the 2012 to 2013 on every handwritten document and cheque I write. Thankfully technology is doing an awesome job to appease my petty irritation by inventing all sorts of communication gadgets that now integrate automated dates allowing me to focus on what’s truly awesome about celebrating the New Year; The stylish shallowness of fine company, not-so expensive champagne and mesmerizing ceiling-high heels that end up in a torrid mess by night’s end… Priceless. A gal can dream can she as long as she remembers to keep it focused and on-target every other day of the year. Wishing you a spirited and successful New Year 2013 ! Cheers !

Ho! Ho! Ho! A-Hunting we will go ! Advice for the Shrewd Hunter


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December is here and with it comes a promise of shopping sprees. Such a flurry of  the best shopping hunts Second life has to offer with so many amazing designs and designers to chose from. It is one of the finest periods of the year to consider giving your avatar’s wardrobe a thorough makeover and to insist on stringing along your friends and/or partners. It’s a gift giving time of the year. Share your precious finds!

Three (3) major hunts are proposed to you and it is a good time to take out your shopping fingers and jump those Sims to get a head of the game.

Before you do this, here’s some sound advice in order to avoid flooding your inventory with gifts you may not have use for later, granted that the items are nearly free and designers are appreciated for their work, however being selective about what we keep insures we manage our inventory wisely.

Here are my personal rules for Hunting”

1. Preferably keep mesh items but avoid redundancy. In other words inundating your inventory with too many identical mesh template items is useless. How many textured versions of the same dress do you really need? The best coveted gifts are original mesh creations that are exclusive and for the sole use of one designer. Aim for these.

2. Hunt for shoes/boots but delete shoes/boots with invisiprims. Invisiprims are no longer in use. Keep Mesh.

3. Avoid accumulating too many “holiday” items. By next month they will clutter your inventory and be out-dated.

4. When evaluating furniture, weigh the option of prim-heavy items that you’ll probably love but are not practical and will only take up precious inventory space.

5. If being Chic is important to you. Stray away from “fur trimming” on anything.  Be choosy. When selecting fur laden items, look for quality of the fur design over quantity.

6. Delete anything with BRIGHT option that is non modifiable especially hair. You don’t want to look like a Christmas decoration year round.

Hunts Proposed and in no particular order:

Peace on Earth 5th Edition

Peace on Earth Grid wide Hunt also known as POE5 is well into it’s 5th anniversary year. This is perhaps the most exhaustive of all the hunts, providing us with over 200 Locations to visit in order to retrieve gifts.

Peace on Earth POE5

Period Date::
December 1, 2012 to January 6, 2012
No cost
Male items::
too few and not highlighted
Blog url ::
Hunters Hints & Locations::
Flickr Pictures of Hunt gifts::
Inworld Help Group{free to join}::
Number of Locations::
200 {but not all the stores are prepared}
Icon to find:
POE5 Icon to find

With Love Hunt 3rd Edition

With Love Hunt is on it’s 3rd edition and brought to you by Chic Management. This is perhaps is one of the choicest of all the hunts, providing us with 73 locations to visit in order to retrieve gifts. Gifts are not holiday themed but are seasonal.


Period Date::
November 30, 2012 to December 17, 2012
10L per item
Male items::
Some and high quality but not highlighted
Blog url ::
Hunters Hints & Locations::  under the Home tab
Flickr Pictures of Hunt gifts::
non available
Inworld Help Group {free to join}::
Number of Locations::
76 stores
Icon to find::
with love hunt icon

The Womenstuff Hunt Part 2

PART 2 OF The Womenstuff Hunt has begun and this as of December 1, 2012. Gifts are holiday and seasonally themed. The url was not updated when I posted it and it should be shortly however some of the gifts are already out.


Period Date::
December 1st, 2012 to December 31, 2012
Cost per item::
no cost
Male items::
Few but not highlighted
Blog url::
Hunters Hints & Locations:: was not update when I posted here
Flickr Pictures of Hunt gifts::
More pictures by reading blogs posts here –>
Inworld Help Group {free to join}::
Number of Locations::
+/- 200 locations not all stores have a Part 2 gift
Icon to find::
Womenstuff Icon

Monochrome brings to you Silver lining Hunt ~ Innuendo Gift


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Gigi had so much fun locating the Silver Lining hunt brought to you by Monochrome  item from Innuendo. It such a cute mesh item, so perfect for the season and fun to wear. The Hoodie and the booties are included. The very stylish Ciccia Bergamasco shows us she can have fun with designing and this free offering is a wonderful example of brassiness.

Innuendo Monochrome Hunt Gift

All these pictures were taken on a new Sim called Winter Scene 2012 by Incendia Outdoors and it just launched. It’s a complete luscious winter play park that has something for everyone. From sledding, skating park to a romantic cottage hut for hot chocolate and chatting with friends. Here’s Gigi making snow angels….

Innuendo Gift for Monochrome Hunt

Of course, she loved her new Innuendo booties that she couldn’t help showing them off  in her customary classiness. Of course she had to get stuck in the snow to do this !

Innuendo Monochrome Hunt Gift

Here’s some fun things you can do on the Winter Scenes Sim. Gigi decided to build a snowman —

Monochrome Hunt Innuendo Glitter

and take in some sledding “weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!! ”

Monochrome Hunt Innuendo Glitter gift

I have posted more pictures of the sim on my.wall, if I haven’t of course convinced you still to visit … This is a top-notch build with the finest in design materials that sl has to offer.

Gigi ! Saying Bye Bye

**STyling Card**

Outfit:: Innuendo Glitter Gift// Silver lining hunt {see here for more on the hunt} 0L – Hint: silver if want to dress the make up you must find

—> more about the Silver Lining Hunt by Monochrome

Piercing:: MAD Echo Abbey Piercing Promo // @ marketplace 1L

Mittens:: Exposeur Mittens includes 5 static props and color hud for the gloves // @ marketplace 0L

Tights:: no longer available// but a [dcg] pair available @ marketplace 0L

Pidria Bonetto Factory Obsession New


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Obsession by Pidria Bonetto Factory New

Pidria Bonetto continues to bring newness with this outfit appropriately named Obsession. It is the latest addition to the new collection. Leather dress with prim skirt coupled with shoulder drop fur and gauze sheer hat are combined to give this ensemble a futuristic appeal. Shoes and aubergine tights are included.

Obsession by Pidria Bonetto Factory

**STyling Card**

Dress:: Pidria Bonetto Factory Obsession {includes hat, fur bolero, shoes and tights}// New Winter Collection

Earrings:: FZaPP Earrings Black Only// New Collection

Skin:: Rona Body Beauty Nemesis Lovelygodess has crystal around the eyes// New Group gift w/tag {10L group tag} + added lipstick tattoo by Toxic Bish

Pidria Bonetto Factory by Pidria Bonetto


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Pidria Bonetto Factory Agua by Pidria Bonetto

Today I bring you a Pidria Bonetto Factory creation called Agua. Pidria Bonetto is a well established and respected designer in Secondlife having been around for over 5 years and most of those years marketing himself.

He has recently told me that he has launched out on his own and is extremely busy creating a brand new line of clothing, both women and men, that he is excited to bring to us shortly.

Pidria Bonetto Factory Agua

Today I am featuring one of his luscious creation called Agua that is a layered teal organza fabric with satin ribbon trimmed along the folds.  As you can see from the backside, Bonetto added a beautiful flaring tail to enhance the breath of this gown and then topped it off with a bow with inlaid crochet.  My-oh-my the Italians know styling.

Pidria Bonetto Factory Aqua Backside by Pidria Bonetto

I look forward to more creations from Pidria Bonetto! You can find some of his recent creations on marketplace.

He is also preparing to open his new store here -> Pidria Bonetto Factory

**STyling Card**

Gown:: Pidria Bonetto Factory Agua // non free

Skin:: Mystic Canvas [MC] – Damina//Dominatrix Hunt Item – 1L

Hair & Jewelry:: refer to my previous post for styling details

FZaPP Head Piece Large Currents Gold Crown Collection


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FZaPP Head Piece Large Currents Gold Crown Collection

Fernandinha Zapedzki of FZaPP continues to amaze me with her creativity. This exquisite gold crown is accentuated with white diamond studs along the headband and completed with a stunning drop-down necklace that encircles the face clustered with stars.  The crown inspired me to create an Arabic theme hence a Persian Princess for this styling. It’s truly a magnificent piece of jewelry that will do well on fashion show runways and modelling competitions. Go get your copy.

I’ve combined the styling with Purple Moon’s Dew Hair attachment that comes complete with the filament beading and is a color change accessory.

All my eyes are from IKON and the set I am endorsing today is named * Sunrise Beached Blue* .

NEW !!!  from FZaPP

Hair including attachment:: Purple Moon’s [PM] Dew Hair// NEW!!! non free

Eyes:: IKON Sunrise Bleached blue// non free

Mesh and/or Rigging Mesh Comprehensive Resource Website


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A friend of mine sent me the following link about mesh and mesh rigging that I found an excellent resource center for any designer interested in learning and perfecting their building skills.

Although it’s a website promoting their different product applications, the link is rich in technical information and has a comprehensive inventory of YouTube Tutorial videos that are user-friendly. Migrating towards mesh building requires quite the learning curve and it has not been easy for some renowned Secondlife designers to learn the new technologies. Hence the need to make available and share resources, to help the community.

For those of us, not technically inclined to build, it fuels our comprehension and fascination in seeing how “it’s made” and brings with it, a greater respect for the process involved. Hence a greater enjoyment attributed to purchasing an in-world product.

Here’s a sample video on shrink wrapping mesh on a rig. For your viewing pleasure.

Calico Ingmann Creations (CiC) Pumpkin Hunt


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Calico Ingmann Creations Pumpkin Hunt

A brief post for my readers, do go down to Calico Ingmann Creations aka (CiC) there’s a pumpkin hunt happening with 40 Amazing Hair and skin gifts for you to locate. They’re all 0L and some of the hair is mesh! I’ll feature my favorites in the next coming days.

Here’s your taxi !

Happy Halloween !



Amado Mio love me forever ~ a la Rita Hayworth


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Molichino Rhoda Gown Mesh

Back from a short and much needed hiatus with this sensational gown from the New MOLiCHINO collection. It’s Vintage styling but oh-soo new Mesh. It reminds me of the Golden era of Hollywood where clothes were created to be center pieces of any event. Something like this would have been worn by the famous actress Rita Hayworth.

The mesh top is textured in soft diamond sequins that seem to shimmer in the light completed by tulle prims.

Molichino Rhoda Gown Sensation Mesh

I took these pictures above a waterfall, perched high on the ledge where I was surrounded by cascading water.

Landmark to Arador sim

The outfit is accessorized with the stunning NEW Jewelry Set by FZaPP. Each piece is remarkable and detailed down to the smallest prim. This is among my favorite pieces of the FZaPP jewelry collection. Here’s a closer look at the Head piece, Necklace and earrings.

FZaPP Bailarina Jewelry Set by Fernandinha Zapedzki

The necklace seemed to designed for this gown –

FZaPP Bailarina Necklace by Fernandinha Zapedzki

**STyling Card**

Jewelry:: FZaPP pieces show here are Headpiece, Necklace & Earrings // NEW

Gown:: MOLiCHINO Rhoda Mesh gown// NEW

Working Woman returning home in Style


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KOOQLA Cherie Skin Dusk & Innuendo Cloe Trenchcoat Fall Winter Collection 2012

October is a “Mad Month” both in secondlife and real life. It seems everyone is in a feverish rush to meet the goals we set out for ourselves both in our career life and our personal life. It’s this last-ditch effort to realign and get aggressive just as a sprinter does when it reaches its last quarter-mile tapping his hidden adrenaline that will propel him forward to a finish line.  We push harder in all areas of our life and when we return home we’re exhausted, our pace is slower and our minds are over-drawn.

Innuendo Cloe Trenchcoat Fall Winter Collection

Walking, our fatigue rises, brain drained, we rely on our sensory reserves to guide us back.  Hence our recollections of cool humid air whipping our face, the smell of vegetation permeating the air, the fast descending darkness on the empty sidewalks and the distant glowing lights of our home welcoming us back.

Innuendo Cloe Trench coat Fall Winter 2012 Collection

There’s much about this styling I love. The Trench Coat from Innuendo called Cloe is perfect for an October jaunt. The skin is from KOOQLA and is irrefutably one of the most original in quality and detailing.

KOOQLA is a brand name that is synonymous with secondlife fashion. It’s a good investment  if you creating avatars for magazine covers or desiring an avatar that is in a class of its own.

These amazing poses are from the RED SEAL HUNT offered to you by “Just a Hunch”. I couldn’t have made these pictures without them.

**STyling Card**

Trench Coat {comes with accessories, boots, pantyhose, leather bag // necklace, sunglasses & hat (not shown here) }:: Innuendo Cloe Fall Winter Collection 2012 // non free NEW !!

Skin:: KOOQLA Cherie Dusk// limited edition available a @ Couturier’s Dock ~ until stock runs out

Hair:: Lelutka pinned hair// previous group gift

Poses:: Just a Hunch pose set // RED SEAL HUNT @ rue Antibes – find the red envelope with the seal stamp – 0L

Innuendo’s Coco by Ciccia Bergamasco Promo


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Coco by Innuendo

This is Innuendo’s latest offering. The Mesh top has a caption that I agree with !!! Enjoy —

**STyling Card**

Full Outfit: Innuendo *COCO* includes jewelery, Hat, Gloves, Shoes (not shown here) // Promo price 55L {limited time only}

Shar’s Satine Deusa Combo Mesh Dress Promo


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Shar's Satine Mesh White Gown

There’s something about white clothing that transforms one into an ethereal angel but white can also be devastatingly sexy.  It’s the new black and shouldn’t be exclusive to brides.  This color that is suitable for anyone as long as attention is paid to accessories that embellish the outfit. Think of yourself as a white canvas and careful consideration to what you add to it will attract interest instinctively. That’s the power of white.

FZapp’s Deusa Headband Promo 50L until Sunday

I’ve styled Sharodies (aka Shar’s) Satine Gown in one of my favorite genres, cyber. This outfit can easily transform you into a Medieval Avalon Princess to a Cyber Galaxy Heroine. FZaPP‘s Promo Headband suited the styling perfectly.

The pictures were fun to do with FATAL‘s diamond gem Prim and were taken on the INSILICO sim location. It’s quite the Futuristic Sim and an amazing build. Taxi here —>

Shar’s Satine Mesh White Gown

**STyling Card**

Dress:: Sharodie’s Design Gown Satin plus Mesh Corset// @marketplace 5 L Promo

Boots:: A&A White Belt Leather Straps// @marketplace 1L

Hair:: Alice Project Persuasion lucky white // non free

Headband:: FZaPP’s Deusa Headband// Promo item 50L until Sunday!!

Armband & Necklace:: Vendome RA GOLD Jewelry// group gift w/tag 0L

Skin:: Filthy Maria Group Gift// group gift w/tag {Tag costs 199L} – I have added a tattoo Layer eyeshadow from KOOQLA Persephone and a Brass Lipstick from BLACKLIQUID

Eyes:: IKON Sunrish Bleached Blue // non free

Diamond Gem Prim:: FATAL and part of the The Perfect Runway Hunt 3 gift// TPRH 0L

Paisley Daisy Cobweb Dress Group Gift


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Paisley Daisy Cobweb Sophisticated Mesh Dress

The month of October has arrived in full speed and as it settles in, we witness the weather changing and the days getting shorter.  There’s the anticipation of Halloween festivities and the fashion blogs are choc-full of trick-o-treat goodies for us.  Paisley Daisy has designed this smashing Mesh dress called appropriately Cobweb that will get you noticed.

Paisley Daisy CobWeb Mesh Dress

It is sprinkled with yellow and orange glitter and molded in a translucent mesh material with imprinted webs.  It’s quite an exciting little number.

The pictures are taken on a friend’s sim who’s remarkable Zenish Villa sits nestled on a cliff and surrounded by a tropical beach. It has a spectacular 360 degree panoramic view with a sumptuous lit inground pool.  It’s quite the dream home brought to you by secondlife !

I’ve completed the styling with N-Core Shoes having taken advantage of the smash sale going down at the store right now. Don’t miss it. Deals like this don’t come often.

**STyling Card**

Dress:: Paisley Daisy Cobweb Mesh Dress// group gift w/tag 0L

Shoes:: N-Core Zen Dark Denim// currently on sale this week only non free

Skin:: Filthy Group Gift October// group gift w/tag {tag costs 199L}

Hair:: Mina Hair Moriko Long// non free

Lingerie:: Black bra and Panty @ marketplace // 10L

Innuendo gives Chic-ness a New name


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Innuendo Agnes Mesh Jumper with accessories included

Ciccia Bergamasco brings you two new creations under her designer label Innuendo. This pleasing jumper is a one piece mesh ensemble that is so well rigged that all my poses failed to distort it! A closer look and you will notice the pants have a low-cut crotch that makes this outfit exquisitely stylish and trendy.

Innuendo Agnes Mesh Jumper

The outfit includes the necklace, bracelet, mesh shoes and belt you see here. The bottom half of the texturing is a crumpled black satin giving the pants a rich allure.

It’s a simple streamlined European cut piece that is enchanting as it is practical. A passe-partout that may be worn to a dance club or out on the town.

Now if you want something fun and sassy, she’s made this lovely creation too, a mesh pinned white and black mini-dress with a flower sash.

Innuendo Ivory Mesh Dress

**STyling Card**

All clothing and accessories:: Innuendo by Ciccia Bergamasco Ivory Mesh Short Dress & Agnes Mesh Jumper

Hair:: Bliss Hair Kylie Hair// New !!

Bracelets in picture 3:: FZaPP Roda Mesh Silver C group// New !!

Swag Fest brought to you Oct 1


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Gigi is back and she’s about to take Manhattan down and then Berlin with this fantabulous jumpsuit so perfect for October. I’m letting my inner zombie reign!!

FZaPP has created this exquisite jewelery set for SWAG Fest and I am particularly enamored with the earrings. They are built in semi-circular ear-hugging prims with detailed spiking ingrained with rich metals.

I marvel at the imagination and creativity that’s involved in putting together fashion events in second life.  We put up sims, create  builds, invite designers to exhibit their exclusive wares, we promote the event and and all this is done with a solid stellar motivated management team. I can only imagine the stress involved behind the scenes and yet, most every event I have attended in sl was and is executed meticulously.  I wonder if these talented people are well aware how much they are worth in real life? Companies are starved for such talent and would pay hard dollars to have them.


October 1 brings you SWAG Fest.


**STyling Card**

Jumpsuit:: FZaPP Modefashion Overall MESH// NEW !!

PREVIEW Jewelery SET SexyBomb as seen:: FZaPP Swag Fest// NEW !! available as of Oct 1, 2012 @ SWAG FEST exclusively comes in 3 gold, silver and black

Boots:: Leezu Picadilly MESH over knee// NEW !!

Skin:: Huit group gift skin// group gift w/tag 0L

Hair:: LOQ Tiramisu hair // subscriber gift 0L

Poses:: Focus Poses Party SET // NEW!!

A Night at the Opera Hat Hunt ~ Locations & Hints Included



Timeline Vintage Couture A Night at the Opera Hat Hunt #9

Here’s a hunt that will complete and accessorize all your styling. From Vintage, to worldly-chic, to Steam punk Classic, to 1920’s Flapper, Princess Tiaras etc. You’ve got a selection here of some of the best Hat’s you’ll ever find.  I’ve brought to you my favorites….

These hats are simply beautiful in construction and offered to you by the Sl’s most talented hat designers.

EB Design Victorian Opera Hat A Night at the Opera Hat Hunt

EB Design Victorian Opera Hat A Night at the Opera Hat Hunt #12

The hats are real artwork and should be viewed as such, in large jpeg format.

Stone Work’s A Night at the Opera Hat Hunt #4

A Night at the Opera Hat Hunt is a relative small and easy hunt with 17 locations in total. You need to locate a white top hat to find the prize.

Uri Dal’s Hat Cloche Aida A Night at the Opera Hunt #16

I have a particular affinity to Rosamoo Mendelsohn of Hatter n Hell.  She was  helpful when I asked her if she could tweek the hat below. She did just that, and I am happy to be able to feature her lovely creation below.

Hatter n Hell White Hat A Night at the Opera Hat Hunt #7

The Hunt does include two Tiaras and this particular model from Cero (seen below) is a MOD version. I added some glow to bring out the shine in the pearl stones.

Cero Tiara A Night at the Opera Hat Hunt #1

If there’s one hat that is an all around Chic-ness-in-a-hat, it’s this one from Tres Beau,  do hurry and hunt for it while it’s still a *gift*.

Tres Beau A Night at the Opera Hat Hunt #5

Boudoir continues to bring us such wonderful imaginative creations. This Hat is one that will get your noticed in any room.

Boudoir Music Hat Night at the Opera Hat Hunt #14

Below I have two hats from Rag Dollz, I particulary like this Top Hat because of the satinee texturing and the ostrich feather finishing. It can work so beautifully with any Burlesque Styling….Think Lingerie ladies…

Rag Dollz Top Hat Satin A Night at the Opera Hat Hunt #6

Below is the Pill Box hat I featured in my previous blog.

Rag Dollz Pill Box Hat A Night at the Opera Hat Hunt #6

This lovely Tiara can work extremely well with a Medieval Princess styling. Can accessorize many of The White Armory’s gowns.

Iron Tiger Tiara A Night at the Opera Hat Hunt #13

About the A Night at the Opera Hat Hunt,  I was unable to find a webpage so I will detail the locations below with the hints.



From Sept 14 – to October 7

Object to find is :: A white top Hat

#1 Location – I hope it’s waterproof.

#2 Location –  The view of the Runway is best from here!

#3 Location – A mere pebble amidst the plinths.

#4 Location –  So Many Hats Which one Holds the Gift

#5 Location –  “Without music, life would be a mistake.” – Friedrich Nietzche

#6 Location – Not out yet.

#7 Location – no hint

#8 Location – Deadhead

#9 Location – It’s a bit hot here.

#10 Location – Angels we have heard on high…

#11 Location – “I love gown outfits” – upstairs in the women’s section.

#12 Location –  Where is my strawhat?

#13 Location – What you seek is soft with fur.
Stroke the beast to get the purr (and the prize)

#14 Location –  Butterfly Effects

#15 Location – Shop seems to have disappeared.

#16 Location – Follow the hieroglyphics
Then look by the flowers.

#17 Location – Oh! She looks so much like me. I think I may be in love.

Frolic Mills on Protecting your event against Griefers


, ,

I found this article, recently written by Frolic Mills, to be of interest to anyone who wants to carry out a large scale event in sl and would like to put in place a security plan against potential Griefers. He goes on to explain that he was recently blackmailed by a Griefer who threatened to crash his sim where the  BOSL fashion week was being held out unless he paid up some exorbitant sum of money.

Some smart thinking and a very solid security plan was established followed by it’s meticulous execution and thus avoiding potential attacks against the Venue and it’s scheduled fashion shows. He goes on to share the measures that were taken to avoid breaches in security.  You can read more about it here.

Needless to say, these protocols were necessary and well thought out allowing for the events to run without incidences. I applaud the initiatives that were taken and Mills willingness to share with the greater SL community the strategies that were  developed so everyone can benefit. Clearly Linden Lab has understood the emergency and is leaning towards developing a solution.

In the meantime, because of one Griefer, the rest of us, who did not receive an invitation to be added on the access list, had to content ourselves with watching the event from a smartly established transmission point on and while it did offer a live  chat with the other viewing guests,  my avatar was in hiatus and took out her disappointment of not being able to attend, with some wholesome in world shopping therapy !