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I found this article, recently written by Frolic Mills, to be of interest to anyone who wants to carry out a large scale event in sl and would like to put in place a security plan against potential Griefers. He goes on to explain that he was recently blackmailed by a Griefer who threatened to crash his sim where the  BOSL fashion week was being held out unless he paid up some exorbitant sum of money.

Some smart thinking and a very solid security plan was established followed by it’s meticulous execution and thus avoiding potential attacks against the Venue and it’s scheduled fashion shows. He goes on to share the measures that were taken to avoid breaches in security.  You can read more about it here.


Needless to say, these protocols were necessary and well thought out allowing for the events to run without incidences. I applaud the initiatives that were taken and Mills willingness to share with the greater SL community the strategies that were  developed so everyone can benefit. Clearly Linden Lab has understood the emergency and is leaning towards developing a solution.

In the meantime, because of one Griefer, the rest of us, who did not receive an invitation to be added on the access list, had to content ourselves with watching the event from a smartly established transmission point on http://metaversetv.com/live. and while it did offer a live  chat with the other viewing guests,  my avatar was in hiatus and took out her disappointment of not being able to attend, with some wholesome in world shopping therapy !

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