I considered pouring out words of wisdom or some quiptic quote in this first post of 2013 however years of rounding out the calendar, and/or generating futile resolutions lists, and/or starting that new fitness program that used to lead to an early desolate drop-out rate, I have acquired a serene acceptance and embrace the New Year as just another annoying marker that I must remember to change the 2012 to 2013 on every handwritten document and cheque I write. Thankfully technology is doing an awesome job to appease my petty irritation by inventing all sorts of communication gadgets that now integrate automated dates allowing me to focus on what’s truly awesome about celebrating the New Year; The stylish shallowness of fine company, not-so expensive champagne and mesmerizing ceiling-high heels that end up in a torrid mess by night’s end… Priceless. A gal can dream can she as long as she remembers to keep it focused and on-target every other day of the year. Wishing you a spirited and successful New Year 2013 ! Cheers !