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Molichino Rhoda Gown Mesh

Back from a short and much needed hiatus with this sensational gown from the New MOLiCHINO collection. It’s Vintage styling but oh-soo new Mesh. It reminds me of the Golden era of Hollywood where clothes were created to be center pieces of any event. Something like this would have been worn by the famous actress Rita Hayworth.

The mesh top is textured in soft diamond sequins that seem to shimmer in the light completed by tulle prims.

Molichino Rhoda Gown Sensation Mesh

I took these pictures above a waterfall, perched high on the ledge where I was surrounded by cascading water.

Landmark to Arador sim


The outfit is accessorized with the stunning NEW Jewelry Set by FZaPP. Each piece is remarkable and detailed down to the smallest prim. This is among my favorite pieces of the FZaPP jewelry collection. Here’s a closer look at the Head piece, Necklace and earrings.

FZaPP Bailarina Jewelry Set by Fernandinha Zapedzki

The necklace seemed to designed for this gown –

FZaPP Bailarina Necklace by Fernandinha Zapedzki

**STyling Card**

Jewelry:: FZaPP pieces show here are Headpiece, Necklace & Earrings // NEW

Gown:: MOLiCHINO Rhoda Mesh gown// NEW