About Me

Photographer, Blogger, Stylist and Fashionista Extraordinaire.

This blog is an outlet for me and I keep this as a hobby.  I am driven by technology and new forms of virtual communication and I have featured my work in a handful of contests.   I can provide you with a list of blogs and hunts that will suit your inworld business profile. I do my own photographing.

Review Policy::

Please contact me should you wish I do a review on your designs. I have limited time and wish to respect engagements. If you send me a design please indicate as *For Review*. Provide a notecard explaining the item, its construction (mesh/rigged/sculpt), + your flickr page, + your Facebook page, + your blog page should be included. Please indicate if item is *new* and when it will be released.

Should you wish for me to promote a hunt/fair/venue. Provide me with a schedule and a map/LM of the place. Please include promotional poster and flickr account if available.

FLICKR Profile : http://www.flickr.com/photos/60414786@N05/

1 thought on “About Me”

  1. mikeylavas said:

    I read you blog i love following you,,, your style of fashion is so hott if you can you check out my page and give me your input on my designs? Thanks You still fashionable,,,,,

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