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Belle du Bois  by Riviera Medier
Belle du Bois , a photo by Riviera Medier on Flickr.
I am presently modelling the delightful new mesh freebie offered by Curious Kitties. I am quite impressed with the construction of this particular dress that does not come in optional sizes and still manages to fit my two different sized avatars with little difficulty.  I also coupled the dress with Lassitude and Ennui‘s recently released Selena Mesh boots and was pleased to discover there was no conflict between the two meshes allowing the styling and textures to rezz beautiful. As you can see with the picture below mesh moves with the frame of your avatar allowing for poses, that would have in the past made the dress fall awkwardly or the sculpties to remain stiff,  to be natural.
Mesh has taken Secondlife by storm and while we wait for the *Mesh Clothing Parametric Deformer* to be developed – you can read about it here —>  http://www.indiegogo.com/Mesh-Clothing-Parametric-Deformer-Project, we will have to content ourselves with clothing sizes just like real life.  Briefly the Parametric Deformer will allow for clothes to be rigged on a layer that will fit automatically to avatars shape no matter the size.
Personally, this is a good time to boldly wear meshes in Second life and dare to be seen at a dance club with them on since the majority of preferred viewers (Second life Viewer, Phoenix and Firestorm) have updated to mesh. If you haven’t here’s where you can get your update.
Phoenix and Firestorm Update page : http://www.phoenixviewer.com/
Since these viewers combined are used by the majority of SL users, it’s a matter of most users simply doing an update. So Ladies and Gentlemen boldly wear your meshes! — and remember if there are avatars seeing you as a mesh blockhead — remind them you’re not the blockhead — they’re viewers are.