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Today I bring back my dearest friend Digard who graciously modeled for my post. Thank you Digard !

You’ve been seeing this freebie Hair from A&A called Riha all over the blog posts but in my picture above it looks different and that’s because I did some modification to it. This hair comes with copy/mod permissions and therefore it offers a lot of options for anyone comfortable with the build menu to do some little tweaks and achieve the above look.  This is what it looks like below BEFORE I modded it:

In order to achieve the luscious full head of hair above, you will need to follow these steps::

1 – First and foremost, make 2 additional copies of the hair and paste them in the folder. Wear one copy of the hair.

2 – Then right click on the hair worn and then click on EDIT hair,  the BUILD window pops up, under the OBJECT tab you will see the STRETCH button is selected {make sure to also have BOTH SIDES button clicked}. By moving the pins {highlighted in yellow} stretch the hair making it about 15% larger.

Then select the MOVE button tab – arrows will show on the head, use them to move the hair slightly behind the forehead.


3 – Always in the BUILD window, click on the TEXTURE tab,  you will see two little windows, 1st window, to the left, is the HAIR TEXTURE {do not touch this} and the 2nd window is the COLOR tab. Click on COLOR tab window, and the COLOR WINDOW pops up. Change the hair by selecting a color you like. For our hair, we used a light orange.

Now CLICK AND DRAG the mid-size color window with the selected color and drag it on the pre selected color tabs underneath the COLOR PICKER window.

4 – Now remove the hair and wear hair copy 2.

5 – Now follow step 3 and color the hair by clicking on the saved hair color tab.

6- Wear BOTH hair .. Copy 1 and Copy 2. To wear both hair, use ADD function instead of wear function this allows you to override the one prim attachment to body part.

And Voilà ! Should you feel very bold, you can play around with resizing the individual strands of hair. This is very useful technique for resizing lose strands of hair that pop out of your prim hat.  To do this, in the OBJECT tab, click on the SELECT FACE button. Now select different strands and re size them by using the X-Y-Z (size) coordinates at the bottom of the OBJECT tab. Once again, make sure you have a clean copy before doing this or you can warp your hair beyond repair.


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**STyling Card**

Hair:: A&A Riha brown// @marketplace 0L

Dress:: [ Liv-Glam] Mariah frill dress// group gift w/tag {tag costs 200L}