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I’ve always been attracted to Cyber Style Fashion and I do hope one day it will become real life mainstream fashion. Today’s real life fashion is short on imagination and innovative new fabrics. There is no identifying imprint for 2000’s fashions such as there was in the 50s and 60s and 70s and 80s.  In the last 30 years it seems fashion designers have been rehashing the past. It’s time to innovate and creating some cyber-style influenced clothing might be the way to go.

So it is with relish that I embarked on the Past and Future Hunt {PHF} and here are some interesting finds.

This outfit design is a simple basic creation from Connaught Empire {CE}, the pant is acceptable however I think the designer may have gone one step further and created a smoother pant around the inner thighs but I think what appealed to me was the cone bra, strong and cyber-delicious-chic.

Here’s another Futuristic styling and this outfit is from AsHmOot, as you can see in the next picture, the skirt is a fun attachment.



The skin is from Panda Pux and very appropriate for this type of styling.

The jewelery come in male and female version and is from Beautycode. The hair is from the Hair Fair 2012 freebie a recent freebie that is no longer available.


And Sassy offers this Orbit dress in the PFH hunt.

Here’s the Past and Future Hunt Blog Page – you can find a link on my side scroll bar. Look for the pocket style watch.


**STyling Card (pics 1 and 2)**

Skin:: Panda Punx PFH Skin// PFH #037 – 0L

Clothing:: Connaught Empire {CE} Galatic Girl// PFH #063 – 0L

Boots:: Leverocci Thigh High MESH AVA Otk// on sale 300L

Hair:: *Battle Angel* Lion Iced blue// Hair Fair gift closed

Belt:: ~Pepper~ Snippet Belt Color me// not free

Glasses:: no longer in production however marketplace has a substitute selection here for all your budgets under keyword visor {marketplace was offline when I published this post}


**STyling Card (pics 3 and 4)

Skin:: same as above

Clothing:: AsHmOot Futura Dress// PFH Hunt #118 – 0L

Jewelery:: Beautycode Alien Analyse Long Necklace// PFH Hunt #078 – 0L

Hair:: [DSC] Airyon Hot Pink// Hair Fair Gift closed



**STyling Card (pic5)**

Hair:: .::S:: Secret Hair Tribal Soul Nara gummy mesh // Dare2Bare hunt – 0L

Skin:: same as above

Dress:: Sassy Orbit Dress// PFH Hunt #006 – 0L