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Secondlife is full of intriguing worlds and this weekend I took a stroll-in-character on the stunning Chateau de Versailles Sim that was recently rebuilt (late fall 2011). Remember that you should visit in character and you will need to wear a *visitor tag* while there. This outfit I’ve put together will allow you to have fun and enjoy the experience all the while being dutifully garbed. Should you be so lucky you may run into royalty as I did.  You can see more of the wonderful people I met on my second life wall.

I am fascinated with fashion and period clothing. There are some extraordinary designers of this period in sl. I am featuring today a freebie from Armoire  (Stormy Panecek // Stormy lorakeet).  Here is a styling that you can wear.

For those of you interested in Role-Playing in the royal courts of SL, it’s important you do some research on the period. Furthermore they take their role-playing seriously, so proper attire and etiquette is a must. Here’s an information link about the Royal Courts Groups of Second life:


I would like to talk about this skin. It’s important to a period styling to have a skin that fits the time, in the 1770’s people would powder their faces with lead based makeup to achieve the ethereal angelical look. Here’s a recent freebie skin designed by MarieLouise Harcourt.

**Styling Card**

Gown:: Armoire Suzette gown includes hat, gloves, shoes and socks // freebie
Skin:: Freebie Versailles Skin designed by MarieLouise Harcourt // freebie
Jewelery Set:: Virtual Impressions Paula set // freebie w/group tag