It should be noted that Hair Fair 2012 was, in my opinion, one of the best and smartest organized Hair Fair since I’ve been attending fairs in sl.  The committee is made up of

Mel Vanbeeck ( Builder/Scripter)

Whimsy Winx ( Builder)

Ashia Tomsen (Photo Contest)

Gabby Panacek (Administrative)

Adorkable Peapod (Poses)

Sasy Scarborough

and they did some intelligent tweeking to last year’s successful formula that permitted the event to be focused on what it does best, provide consumers with the new hair designs and allow designers to launch new styles in a reputed venue that’s easily laid out and well promoted.

The sim design was peppered by low lying zenish style buildings, the route was clearly mapped out and the stores were well indicated. Furthermore, walls were transparent allowing one to move through divisions and thus avoiding avatar clumping in doorways.

I appreciated that they re-introduced the traditional Hair Fair Contest before the Hair Fair began, 30 days in advance, thus creating the buzz around the event, and as most of the participants are bloggers, designers, photographers and consumers, the vibe was set in hence insuring interest in the fair.

The previous year they organized a second photo contest with the Adorkable poses that were supplied on the sim however the contest pictures had to be taken on the sim during the lather week.  Although this caused for a fun experience, for practical purposes, taking pictures on the fair grounds monopolized time and created unnecessary lag due to graphic settings.

Instead this year they engineered colorful box-prims for transport. See link for pictures. This permitted the avatars to move around in *edit* mode by sitting on the box prims and moving via edit build mode without using the *fly mode* option. I used this mode of transportation and I did experience a net improvement in maneuvering. However I still had to wade through lag and wait for objects to  rezz . On a positive note, a lot of us became educated on alternate methods of moving one’s avatar across lagged zones.

In addition, the focus of the Hair Fair was *Hair* ..and NEW hair. Most designers introduced on average, a limited and exclusive number of new hair, 3 to 5 each thereby stores were not cluttered with previously released material nor were they heavy on prims for decor. Less prims to rezz and thereby minimizing lag.

The pièce de resistance was the blog page. I have no idea what 2011’s Hair Fair blog page looked like,  but the 2012,  was consulted and bookmarked by me numerous times. I used it as my primary source for store links and route consultation.

Finally, there was a solid participation by Designers, bloggers and consumers in the *Hair Fair Demo Group*.  Thank you to  all the designers that made available their demos through this group, for most of us, this was the only way we could see the new models in the early days of the fair.

Let’s remember that it’s a fundraiser to raise money for *Wigs for Kids” foundation and last year it raised $ 8935.96 US dollars. No small pennies. You can read here the “Thank You Letter” to residents from the foundation.

If I had to make a  suggestion for hair fair organizers for next year’s fair,  it’s not to change a thing. To all residents this is your last day to visit.

Au revoir Hair Fair 2012 !!