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It’s mishmash of favorites today. To begin with I will be featuring, in the next series of blogs, my Hair Fair 2012 favorites that I have purchased for my collection. Today I am wearing the wispy soft ponytail from !SugarSmack! Honey Biscotti. It’s a very pretty relaxed styling.

I couldn’t help myself the moment I saw this Zombi top from Tentacio, the artwork is fantastic and it easily complimented the mesh shorts I picked up on sale at Leverocci. The sale is still on.

The Bracelets are from FZaPP and ultimately NEW. Fernandinha Zapedzki continues to amaze me with her edgy designs. Here she combines a multitude of textures and still delivers harmonious bangles.

The shape and skin is from the Filthy July Group gift. I don’t usually change my shape so drastically, however Filthy’s shape reminds me of a brash pout-ful  adorable young lady that I so want to endorse. Furthermore it’s a modifiable shape  !! .. worth the cost of the group tag.

**Styling Card**

Skin & Shape:: Filthy July// group gift w/tag (tag cost 199L) {shape is included and modifiable!}

Hair::!SugarSmack! @ Hair Fair 2012 Garden sim // not free

Shorts:: Leverocci Mesh Teal Shorts// not free and ON SALE

Bubblegum:: Bubblegum Blow-Up// Marketplace not free

Boots:: Js style cowboy boots (designer JB  Gazov)// no longer in production

Top:: Tentacio Zombi Mesh Top// group gift w/tab freebie

Bangles:: FZaPP Bracelets Summer// not free