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Antje Alb Coat in Mesh by Riviera Medier
Antje Alb Coat in Mesh, a photo by Riviera Medier on Flickr.

Analee Balut of Alb Creations introduces us to Mesh coats ! This Sheerling Leather model is offered in her group notices as a freebie.

It’s a well rigged piece of mesh, beautifully styled and textured as only Ms Balut knows how to do.

**Styling Card**

Coat:: Alb Dream Fashion Antje Mesh coat// group notice w/tag 0L
Boots:: [Hoorenbeek] Lucille boots // subscriber gift (must be subscriber for 2 weeks) – 0L
Hair:: UrbanLutz Hair// Hair Fair Sand 2012 gift
Body:: *Coco * Designs sheer body suit// group gift w/tag
Leggings:: slMarketplace Leggings Words // 0L