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What does Yula Finesmith‘s future hold? After a one-month personal hiatus from Secondlife, the iconic designer is back. Her return was announced with a massive liquidation sale at Finesmith Jewelry’s inworld store reducing all single items to 100L. Dropping her VIP tag from 365L to 100L and sending a notecard explaining that she will be closing her store sometime at the end of July 2012 to open a new one in the future. A date has not been announced for the new store.  Her June 23, 2012 VIP notecard reads;

“Hii:) im back thanks for staying around.
Closing A priod (sic) and opening a new one.
Finesmith offers all single items and some sets. from all collections for 100L.
❤ Have a delicious day.

yula Finesmith “

For those of you unaware of Finesmith’s prominence in secondlife, let me give you a synopsis about *THE* brand: Finesmith has carved itself a solid inworld-class reputation. It is the hub of creativity for state-of-art edgy pixel jewelery of the highest quality. It is a relentless, brash, self-promoting brand that would make Marketing101 proud and who has built an enviable inworld network of who’s-who. It brought to life a joint venture with Gizza Creations. Furthermore, Finesmith has endorsed many creative events such as visual arts, fairs, fashion shows, hunts and inworld magazines to name a few.  Finesmith is for Secondlife what Martha Stewart is for Home Depot, and what the Olsen Twins brand is for Walmart,

For whatever personal reasons Yula Finesmith has decided to withdraw her current business inworld, it is, regardless, a momentous loss for Secondlife’s Fashion industry, be it temporary, and for all, whom are associated with it. There is no sign which direction Finesmith’s reincarnation will take, however at the moment, there is clear indication that Yula Finesmith wishes to focus her presence on Secondlife Marketplace inviting her VIP members to review her products on the online purchasing platform. A platform which allows her to offer her distinctive products with everything else being sold on marketplace.

While we wait, holding our breath, anticipating her return inworld, Finesmith will hope her loyal members will continue to support her brand on marketplace. One only knows how long Secondlife’s members’ memory is, or how long, Finesmith can enjoy a run on marketplace on the coattails of her brand’s reputation? One thing remains crystal clear, Secondlife marketplace is a melting pot of pixels, new and archaically old, other than some nondiscriminatory reviews, it has absolutely no market functionality or possibility for brand advertisement. Secondlife’s marketplace search engine is less than adequate, it’s categories limited and unrefined and as an experienced online shopper, a messy experience.

Regardless, the Fashion community’s disappointment is palatable and greater still is the loss for Linden Lab. The far reaches of Finesmith’s network has sustained every economic facet of secondlife. In defence of Yula Finesmith, whatever her decisions and choices, they are personal. We just hope she will return very soon on her chariot of fire – fully revitalized and ready to excite us one’s again.