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The Midsummer Night’s Dream 3 Hunt (MND) is not only for Pixies & Fairies or whomever lives in the magical realm. It’s in its third installment and continues to show strong support by designers checking in at 177  locations. It’s got something for all of us. It’s running from June 21 to July 21, 2012. So you’ve got well over a month to hunt gracefully. The item to locate is a butterfly sculpt and each item is 1L.


Here’s the blog link to hints and locations


Here’s a preview of hunt gifts


These are some fabulous items I was able to pick up during the hunt.

Cilian’gel’s “Got-Titania?” Gown is exquisite in it’s simplicity. The soft exquisite textured motif and the small attention to detail makes this a lovely gown. Thank you Celia Shepherd. A must have. Included is the floral crown.

**Styling Card**

Gown::Cilian’gel’s “Got-Titania?” Gown// MND Hunt Item 1L

Hair::””D!va””Sayaka2 Amber Red @ COLLOBOR88 // 88L

Skin::Ricielli Cecilia {already blogged}//

Jewelery::Chop Zuey The Tower of Babylon set//MND Hunt Item 1L {hint Cupcake section}

Gloves::any long white glove will do//