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ctf_011 by Riviera Medier
ctf_011, a photo by Riviera Medier on Flickr.

I usually don’t do teal color. It doesn’t seem to work for me and yet here’s a set from Orsini Creations that caught my eye immediately. Chazina Spore did a wonderful job of matching the teal tones of the tights to the mesh top.

As for the makeup, I am using the Ricielli (previously blogged) Cecilia Skin as the base except that I’ve dramatized it with an eyeshadow and lipstick tattoo to match the styling.

The Hair was a past point b gift. It’s no longer available as gift but it’s a good time to buy it since Point B & Analog Dog are having a hair sale.

**Styling Card**

Outfit::Orsini got the blues outfit// group gift w/tag
Hair::Point B Madision Milk// on sale
Lipstick:: *Verve* formerly Atomic Bambi Tattoo – Sabrina Lip Cyber//no longer in production
Eyeshadow::LPD Group Gift ! Eye shadow peacock// no longer in production
Collar::Finesmith Collar girl in Tux silver diamond// Finesmith Store Hunt w/tag #14
Shoes:: {whatever} High heel Blush// group gift w/tag – tag costs 250L