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TOSL2PixelSnobRainbow by Riviera Medier
TOSL2PixelSnobRainbow, a photo by Riviera Medier on Flickr.

This is another worthy-hunt filled with mesh gifts and more. Taste of Second Life (TOSL2) is celebrating it’s 2nd birthday. It’s a relatively easy hunt and quick to do since it has less than 50 stores but it is packed with solid designer goodies at no cost.  Here are some of my favorite gifts. Also, there’s an inworld group if you need help locating items.

**Styling Card**

Dress:: Pixelsnobs ::PS:: Ruffled Dress Rainbow // TOSL2b #37
Shoes::[GoS] Espadrilles Tie-dye// TOSL2b#26 {this is relatively difficult gift to locate so look behind the Espadrilles poster}
Hair::Mina Moriko// non free previously blogged

This is a noteworthy dress from Sleeping Koala and I strongly recommend you pick it up if only for the prim layers she’s included in her design (pictured below) . As you can see the Zipper Denim Mesh dress comes with this translucent black layer that is worn underneath the mesh prim and therefor allows you to avoid embarrassment when rezzing, full nakedness in evidence, as you wait for mesh prim to upload. I plan to re-use it. Thank you Sleeping Koala for taking care of our private parts.

Evolve has offered a mesh satchel that has great texturing/shading and moves well with your avatar. It almost seemed designed to be paired with Sleeping Koala’s zipper dress.

**Styling Card**

Dress::[Sleeping Koala] Denim Flower Zipper Dress Mesh// TOSL2B #35
Shoes::BM Baby Monkey Marnie Silver// TOSL2B #13
Hair:: HINAKO Hair {option to remove the ribbons) // @ Midnight’s Dream Summer 2012// 1L
Bag::.evolve Hodgepodge Satchel// TOSL2B #19