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If you have the latest versions of Viewer2, Phoenix and Firestorm you have included a new feature called my.secondlife.com wall. This is a fun and practical feature that integrates social media with inworld activities.

For sometime now I have been using my.secondlife.com to promote some activities, concerts, store openings or whatever information I want to share on my personal profile page inworld. Here’s what my wall looks like ->

Riviera’s my.secondlife.com wall

it is also accessible inworld and it looks like this ->

Riviera’s my.secondlife inworld wall (see below image)

[in the viewer click Avatar –> scroll down to Profile –> ]

It works similarly to a Facebook wall whereby you upload/share with your friends/followers/clients whatever catches your fancy and it’s an excellent way to loosely market your store or relay information. I am finding it much more useful than a Facebook page since I address myself directly to my SL followers without necessarily taking my audience out into another application obligating them to create a secondlife avatar profile there.  Here, their inworld profiles are already created and integrated into their viewers.  You have the option to follow or have others follow you. See image –>

The feature is extremely easy to manage, fun, allows url linking and you can upload inworld pictures AT NO COST to your wall.  You can also delete, comment, and love a post. Another feature I’ve enjoyed is that you can access your profile at anytime without logging into SL directly through my.secondlife.com page.  Of course, the feature comes with privacy settings allowing you to chose whom can see your page

—> see image

– options are SL friends/inworld/world wide web that you must access and configure. It is important that you do this verification first this to insure you are comfortable with the settings. Furthermore, you can receive notifications of postings on your wall via email to your official registered email address associated to your avatar’s account. However you can also follow/manage postings on your wall via direct access to my.secondlife.com.

As you may have noticed, I have opted to add the url link on my blog page so that my readers are kept informed about other happenings in Secondlife without the formality of a blog post.

Of course, I have discovered some minor drawbacks. For example, if I leave a comment on a very active thread, I will receive incoming notices for every time someone leaves a subsequent post and these notes are sent to your incoming notices that cap daily at 100 hence you can be topped up real fast. In my case everyone was wishing my friend *happy rezz day* and the incoming notices were flashing on my screen disruptively. The only way I stopped this was by returning to my original comment and deleting it. The spam stopped then. On a whole I think there should be a click feature added to the management console to turn off incoming notices from my.secondlife.com.

Another disadvantage is that your inworld pop up screen that you see in the images cannot be expanded so that you never see the complete wall.  Basically you see bits and pieces and you need to use the horizontal and vertical sliders provided to move around on the page. I hope someone’s looking into correcting this quirk.

On a positive note, you can manage the comments via the my.secondlife portal.

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