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Rocking the Moment by Riviera Medier
Rocking the Moment, a photo by Riviera Medier on Flickr.

Another weekend has come and gone. The weekends are never long enough and they seem especially short when the days are warm and beautiful.

I have been busy in SL taking in several events and participating in a few hunts. I have assembled here parts of the Ricielli Valentine’s Brazillian Hunt & The Cupcake Sim-wide Summer Hunt. Both are relatively easy and quick to do.

I’ve had my eye on these shorts since Ricielli introduced them some weeks ago. They are very unique, distinctively cut and I definitely felt worth having in my inventory. And at the moment, they are a steal at 15L.

I have added the links on my side bar under Hunt if you wish to explore the above mentioned hunts yourself.

**Styling Card**

Skin:: Ricielli Cecile // Valentine’s Brazillian Hunt #4 // 15L
Shirt:: Cupcake Simple Shimmer Tank // Cupcake Summer Lovin’ Hunt item freebie
Skirt:: Ricielli Mesh Summer Shorts // Valentine’s Brazillian Hunt #7 // 15L
Hair:: Mina Hair Moriko Long //
Bracelets:: FZaPP Roda Mesh Gold bracelets //
Necklace:: FZaPP Necklace Kasm Gold //
Boots:: Ricielli Mesh Hilary Boots Brown//Valentine’s Brazillian Hunt #8 // 15L