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Ahimsa Balut of Eclat is celebrating her 5th rezz day and happily shared with us how happy she is having discoved SL those 5 years. She’s celebrating by showering her subscribers with a gift package a-la-Oprah-style. It includes beautiful high quality mesh designs for all her clients, shoes, boots, skirt, gown, shorts, bikini, eyelashes.

I am featuring here the long sleek mesh Ohara gown. It’s rich in texture and rigged to fit close to the body.

Thank you Ahimsa Balut for your generosity and Happy Rezz-Day!!

The Hair is from a Hot New Brand in secondlife called Loovus Dzevavor. Vikeejeah Xevion is the genius behind these creations. An established renowned model who put her expertise and her love of styling into creating a brand that’s been a recent favorite on the runways. If you are an aspiring model — Loovus Dzevavor is where it’s at. She’s added mesh to her fashion line. Her exquisite choice of textures is one notch above.

**Styling Card**

Gown:: Eclat Mesh Ohara gown // 5th year rezz day subscriber gift
Hair:: [[Loovus Dzevavor]] Jadore // subscriber gift
Jewelry:: blogged already