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Here’s another absolute sumptuous discovery from an established store called Flowerdreams Creations by Nile Karas. This delectable gossamer translucent texture is exquisite. In order to view this dress the way the designer intended it to be seen please increase your graphics to at least Mid or High. [To this click Ctrl-P in your viewer, when the pop menu shows up scroll to graphics and tab and then move the slider to mid or high // ]. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that the designer added some bright fabric prims to give this gown an ethereal glow. I’ve decided to wear a bikini panty from Delish since the gown does not have one included. The top of this gown is resizeable.

I’d like to mention the ::Mar:: Chanda skin that I am wearing.  You can scroll to the post below to see it….you will see the detailing skin texture around the stomach area and breast cleavage captured in the photograph below. Furthermore I do like the way the cheeks are shaded and the skin has a hint of gold tint. I like it and hope you get a chance to pick it up and see it for yourself. Let me know what you think.

**Styling Card**

Gown: Flowerdreams Creations Bella Subscriber gift
Skin: ::Mar:: Chanda Group Gift with group tag
Bikini Panty: Delish @ marketplace 1L