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Digard does Artemis by Riviera Medier
Digard does Artemis, a photo by Riviera Medier on Flickr.

Meet my wonderful friend Digard and she’s modelling Artemis. This sumptuous suit comes in a pallet of pastel colors.

For those interested in my progress with photography, this was my first time working with a Model other than myself and as far as photography goes, Models need to be patient. Sometimes hours on end. Setting up and getting the perfect raw shot requires quite a few takes. The better the raw shot the less work is needed in Photoshop. Digard was the picture of angelical patience and beauty. Mwahhh Darling Digard – thanks

*Styling Card*

Dress: Artemis lace sleeve Peplum suit ::.white:: New
Jewelry: JCNY Anna Gems Collection – and at 50% off now