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Spring is around the corner, and now is a good time to consider doing an invisiprim clean-up of your inventory. With the latest application upgrades, designers and consumers alike have moved from invisiprims to alpha masks and mesh. To those unfamiliar with Invisiprims, they were mostly used in the design of shoes and boots to keep the prim stable and avoid deformities. But with the introduction of alpha masks and mesh, we have seen a significant improvement whereby shoes and boots now have a larger range of movement, the ankle deformities have been corrected and they are AO compatible.

Invisiprims look like this –here above is a sample picture I took;   as you can see, they cause the extended shadows that usually wrap a shoe prim or boot prim. They conflict with the flooring builds and are quite unattractive. The new designs no longer have the shadowed outline.  And with the incredible new shoes being offered by reputable shoe designers, it’s an excellent time to get rid of those old prims and make room for the new.

Before we start the deletion process of your folders be aware that the earlier shoes and boots were packaged in two essential formats. One package sold by designers included shoes with invisiprim integrated so that when you wore the shoe prim the invisiprim was automatically attached and non-modifiable. The second package offered by designers included the shoe prims and the invisiprims separately so in order to wear a shoe you had to wear the shoe prims and then ADD the invisiprims.  Please note also, that during the transition process from invisiprims to alpha masks, some designers included both the invisiprims AND the alpha masks in their folders hence allowing the consumer to decide which option they wanted to wear. You can continue to keep these shoes but delete the invisiprims and only keep the alpha masks.

How to delete INVISIPRIMS

Step 1- Build a glass textured platform

Ever noticed how some shoe designer love to flaunt glass flooring on their store? Glass texture is the invisiprims worst enemy as the glass makes them painfully evident. So let’s build a small platform and add glass texturing and increase transparency to 50%. The glass texture is automatically included in your viewer library.

Zoom to make larger

Step 2 – Do an *Invisi* search of your inventory

Once the platform is built – get on it.  Then do an *INVISI* search of your inventory. All folders containing invisiprims shall show up.

Step 3 – Try on shoes and delete all FOLDER shoes with integrated invisiprims.

Invisiprim on glass

Step 4 – Try on shoes and delete ONLY the invisiprims if the alpha mask is included.

TIP 1  – If you absolutely can’t separate with the shoes – then KNOW that sometimes you can substitute the invisiprims with an ALPHA MASK even if the ALPHA MASK was not included in the folder by USING the alpha mask of another designer (OH !! — ). I have saved many a boots this way — !!