As an avid photographer, I am constantly searching for tools and techniques to improve my photographic layouts. To date I have shown you an outside open studio that I built that allows me to work with outside windlight settings to create the shadows I want in a controlled environment. (Refer to post link here ).  Until now I have not dabbled with an interior environment. However, I have recently come across this nearly freebie (10L) modifiable skybox that can emulate an inside photostudio. I have taken some sample pictures to show you how the lighting changes under different windlight settings can affect the outcome. Furthermore if you scroll down to my Fatal White post you can see the shot  I took inside this studio.

It’s a copy/modify. It’s light in prims – 24prims only! Furthermore, as you can see in the picture it includes artificial streaming sunlight generated by two windows. YAY! — This great find also has another room attached that is a dark room and is textured in rich black velour wallpaper. Because it’s modifiable you can once again start uploading your own textures to create personalized back drops.

It’s important to note that In a closed studio it is much more difficult to create shadows unless you have an inventory of lighting apparatus and filters that get rezzed to cast the lighting.  All in all, this skybox is a great start for experimenting with inside lighting —

Enjoy, I am … Hurry it’s only 10L until this Monday

Pick it up here —-> A.S.S

Riviera Medier