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This post is for those of you following my building progress and hope to have your own backyard Photo Studio Booth, I have another easy tip to share with you. Lights. Get your first set of freebie Lights at Kurenai.  I have added this set to my build –now you are on your way to experimenting with lighting and photographing!   Here is what my photobooth looks like right now.

–> get your first set of freebie lights includes track, spots, camera etc here at Kurenai

I am all the way at the bottom of the image. You can also see the different textures I have applied to the floors and wall. I change these textures at whim and they are easily available on Marketplace. You will also find some in your Inventory under Library/texture folder provided to you by SL. They’re great to experiment with. As you can see I have rezzed the series of lights on the top platform. I rezz and unrezz these fixtures individually — I move them to get a more precise beam, to create dramatic shadow or special effects etc.

Hope this helpful and your comments are greatly appreciated.