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You can now delete items in your folder according to the date you bought them since the new Inventory features in the latest Viewers have a *RECENT* menu. However, you also have another filter that allows you to list the items according to date purchased called *Days Ago*. By increasing the number of days to the age of your avatar – you can list the items in order of date purchased. Therefor, by scrolling to the bottom of your itemized list you will have your oldest items there and you can do a quick inventory clean up.

Easy Steps
1- Open Inventory Folder
2-Click on Recent Menu Tab highlighted in yellow.
3-Click on gears wheel (bottom left of Inventory Menu – highlighted in yellow ) this will pop up another window — scroll down this window until you see *Show Filters* – click on *Show Filters* –> another pop up window (seen on the picture far left of the screen).
4- Scroll down to *Days Ago* increase this number to the age of your Avatar.
5- Now scroll down your itemized inventory to the bottom of the list where your oldest prims are.

Have fun deleting old prims !! This works for the latest updates for SL Viewer 3, Firestorm and Phoenix.

Hope this is helpful !!