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It’s been a couple of months that I have grown frustrated with trying to purchase a Photo-studio booth.  Purchasing a photo-studio is an important investment for any blogger or photographer in SL. Initial researches indicated a vast range of booths.  The prices range from the 1L and as high up as 3000L in addition to all the accessories such as lighting, shades, walls, filters etc. Booths can be found on SL marketplace and in world.  What you need to evaluate is the following — do they include poses, backdrops, filters, removable walls and floors and is there integrated lighting. These are among the important features, but the most critical feature is — can it be *modified*? Allowing it to be modifiable permits you to upload your backdrops, poses, filters etc.

Finally, it is important for any potential buyer to be able to test out the booths before purchasing and sadly most creators fail in this department.  Hence I found myself testing unlocked studios when owners had left them lying around Sims (insert: a personal thank you to all photographers who allowed me this facility and please forgive me if I messed up some of your settings).   In doing so, I discovered some can be extremely complex to manipulate while others were excessively easy. My two complaints were – first, outdated backdrops and second, if included, 1st generation poses.

At this point I needed to ask myself what was it I needed a photo-studio booth to do. In my case, I wanted to be able to control and cast shadows according to my needs. I also, wanted to be able to upload backdrops according to themed photo-shoots.

And so after, many months of research and with my basic building skills, limited to linking a couple of platforms together, I decided to *build* my own basic photo-booth and test if it could fulfill my need for controlled shadows and textures. Voilà – my photo studio! You should note that the previous photos were taken with this platform.  Don’t forget – to count the prims of your build if you want to permanently rez the booth on your land. In the coming weeks, I’ll keep you posted with my progress. Yes that’s me in the corner !