Merry Christmas Card  by Riviera Medier
Merry Christmas Card , a photo by Riviera Medier on Flickr.

There was no other way to say it — then with this gown that is from the designer house *Ladies who lunch*. It is of an exquisite design and perhaps one of this holiday season’s most outstanding gown — and to think it’s a freebie !! Do consider dropping by the store to pick it up if you haven’t already. You will own your own pix-elated dream gown. This poem was written for me at whisk of a hand by the best gift a woman may ever have…..thankful of my blessings.

I dreamed a dream,
young and youthful,
where you could have anything you desire in a palm full,

I went through my day,
stressed and tired,
thinking of Christmas and how it inspired,

I had gotten home,
the tree was inflamed,
the wood crackling softly,
the gleaming star a blaze.

I tended the fire,
and took a moment outside,
I held out my hand,
in which a bright object collide

My palm was heating up
as I soon realized,
I opened my fingers
and found the North Star inside —– !

A warm thank you to all my new found friends and blog followers.

Warm wishes

Riviera Medier